Monthly Membership

Try a free week! We are proud to offer a free week of coaching and gym access to anyone interested in joining the TFP Family. Once you experience it, we are convinced you’ll be hooked. Contact Coach Adriano for more information.

Our monthly pricing operates on a need-based sliding scale. For example, the minimum University athlete price is $95, but an athlete may pay more. All money goes to the lease, new equipment, and travel for meets. This place is a big stepping stone for us. If you can pay a little more than your minimum it would be greatly appreciated and it goes toward the growth of our facility and the TFP family.

Adult Athletes : $110-$125

University and Military Athletes: $95-$125

Youth and High School Athletes: $85-$125

Remote Coaching: $75

Note: We welcome both experienced athletes and brand new beginners eager to jump into the world of Weightlifting. If you are an experienced athlete with a USAW Level 1 certification you will be discounted to $85, with the expectation that you would help with coaching and at meets.